We believe that a family on mission is one of the greatest tools the Lord has given us to reach those who are far from the Lord and to raise up the next generation.  At Capstone we don't view family ministry as a program, but as a way of equipping of families to be on mission together.  Our Capstone Kids and Edge groups have been built to not keep kids and students busy with church, but to prepare their hearts to be fertile for the Gospel and ready to be missionaries where ever God calls them. 



Pebble Beach is our children's area for infants to K-5. We have a fun, safe, and loving environment for our young children.

Capstone believes that Pebble Beach serves two purposes. The first is to create a safe place for your young children. We have taken many precautions to make sure your child is taken care of to the highest extent.  Our second purpose for Pebble Beach is to begin to lay the foundation of Biblical learning in our children's lives. We hope that Pebble Beach kids are learning throughout the week what it means to love God and the life lessons He teaches us. We want to come alongside parents and reinforce the ideas of loving God and loving others. 

FAQ about pebble beach: 

what do I bring with me for my child?
if necessary, diapers, pacifiers, change of clothes, and a bottle of milk, formula, juice, or water. to help us keep track, please label all personal items with your child's first and last names before arriving.

what kind of activities will my child be doing?
pebble beach will provide age-appropriate activities for all children from the Gospel Project. we believe even our littlest ones can learn! all lessons are reinforced with songs, play, and supervised activities designed with the ability of the children in mind. 

Other Questions about Pebble Beach? 

Contact our Capstone Kids Director Jenny Cox


Camp Rock is our area for 1st thru 5th grade. Camp Rock is a high-energy area that is built specifically for our grade school children. Each Sunday, the kids learn a life lesson from the Bible that they will be able to live out during the week. Camp Rock is split into parts based on how kids learn best. 

Big group:
When your kids come into Camp Rock, they will be met with upbeat music and will be introduced to one of our adult leaders. Big group time consists of games, songs, crazy videos, and Bible stories. Crowd participation is a big part in getting involved in each week's program. 

Small Group:
Once the kids have wrapped up with big group, they go into different small groups. Our intent for small groups is to take the lesson from big group and go into a little more detail. We also want our small group leaders to begin to form a relationship with our kids. Each small group will take part in several activities and review the Bible story. 


Can my child come to Camp Rock even if they have never been to Capstone? Yes, there is no hoop to jump through to get your child involved at Camp Rock. We believe that Camp Rock will have a strong impact on any child who comes. 

Can my child bring a friend? Yes, the more the merrier. We encourage our kids to invite their friends to Camp Rock. Questions about Camp Rock? Contact Jenny Cox


Patient Hearts is our ministry to Special Needs Children and their families.  Most churches and children's ministries are not built for children with special needs.  We created Patient Hearts with those families in mind.  

The Patient Heart Room and Pals are what make this ministry possible.  We have dedicated a special sensory room that is for our Patient Heart Friends.  We understand that sometime crowds, loud videos and over-stimulation can cause children with special needs to disconnect.  The Patient Heart Room is an area for our Patient Heart Friends to go when their classroom maybe overwhelming or need a break from the crowd.

Each Patient Heart Friend is matched up with a Patient Heart Pal.  These Pals are trained volunteers who are there specifically for there Patient Heart Friend.  They are there to make sure they are able to connect with their classroom, and to allow them the freedom to hang out in the Patient Room if needed.  

If you have a Special Needs child  and would like to learn more about Patient Hearts you can contact Jenny Cox.


Edge student ministries is for Middle and High School Students. Edge is a group of students with a mixture of those who are Christ followers and those who Christ is drawing close to Him. Edge is all about showing others Christ in their lives and having a good time doing it.
Edge meets weekly and has various activities going on during the year.

Our Edge students are in community groups on Wednesday Nights. We have groups of Middle School guys and Middle School girls, and High School guys and High School girls. During this time, we meet together in a large group setting for the first 30 minutes and then break up into smaller groups to study the Bible, encourage one another, and build community with Jesus at the center.

Everyone meets at Capstone Church (601 Fairview Street | Fountain Inn) starting at 6:30pm.

Questions? Contact Chris Barrineau