NEXTSTEPS are ways you can get more involved not only in Capstone, but also your walk with Jesus.  Below you will find several ways to take those NEXTSTEPS in community and on your spiritual journey to become more like Jesus. 


    Capstone Discovery is for those who are interested in the what and why of Capstone. Capstone Discovery is a 2 hour period where the mission, story, vision, and doctrine of Capstone is discussed. This is a great time to get the ins and outs of Capstone Church. We offer everyone the opportunity to join as partners, however this is not a requirement of attending the class.  Click Here to learn more about partnership. Email Walt Tanner if interested in signing up.


    Every Sunday at the Gathering we have over 100 volunteers who help provide the Christ-centered environment of Capstone.  These Service Teams are a great way to get to know others at Capstone.  Serving at Capstone is not only fun, but makes us more like Jesus. Click Here to see areas you could take the NextSteps in.


    Our Community Groups strive to be an extended family on mission.  Community Groups are where we see the most growth and development of those who call Capstone home.  We believe Community Groups are essential in taking those Next Steps in spending time with others, serving with others, and learning with others. Click Here to see our existing Community Groups and when they meet. 


    The Bridge was created to be a Bridge for those who wish to go from a casual church goer to a committed disciple of Jesus.  We know that it can be overwhelming when you go into a Christian book store.  We have hand picked books for you in various areas of Christian living so that you can more easily decide the right resource to choose.  

    The Bridge also carries Capstone merchandise and Fair Trade handmade items from around the world.  Stop by and see what you might find.