Churches Planting Churches

When Capstone started in 2009, we knew that we wanted to be a Church planting Church.  From the very beginning we knew that multiplication was in our future.  See below the different areas around the world Capstone is passionate about planting the seeds of the Gospel through church planting.

Heritage Fellowship Church

Heritage Fellowship was our first church plant.  Jeremy Sparks and his team launched Heritage Fellowship in Clinton, SC in 2014.   Clinton is a small traditional southern town, much like Fountain Inn.  We felt led to help plant Heritage after we had several college students and families driving from Clinton to Capstone.  We saw that a modern, gospel voice was needed and therefore was a perfect place to start our first plant.

Cypress Project

The Cypress Project was an eight month training process that helped create the DNA of Capstone Church. Capstone has continued its support of the Cypress Project by hosting, training, and mentoring the over one hundred church plants and existing churches that have been a part of the Cypress Project. 

NEw england church planting

In 2016 Capstone, in conjunction with the Greenville Baptist Association, partnered with the North American Mission Board and the Baptist Convention of New England to help plant three new churches in New England by 2026.  

We have partnered with two existing church plants in the SEND BOSTON network, to equip, encourage, and assist in their church planting works in New England.