One Less Initiative
June 12th, 2024
“You can’t help everyone but you can help someone.”We are all led to serve the vulnerable in different ways. Our desire is for you to ask who is your ONE? We already talk about having someone who is c...  Read More
James | Faith that Obeys
June 12th, 2024
James begins his letter by saying "count it as pure joy for trials." In verses 1-18 in Chapter 1, James answers the question: How do we respond to trials?  In verses 19-27,  he asks the question: How ...  Read More
James | Faith Perseveres
June 3rd, 2024
The book of James is seen as challenging, yet clear.  James gives clear direction and application of what it looks like to be a Christ follower.  We will see throughout this series that the faith we a...  Read More
Don't Stop
May 28th, 2024
For almost 20 years I have challenged those under my leadership with a specific goal during summer- be closer to Jesus at the end of the summer than at the beginning.  A vast majority of us get out of...  Read More
Mother's Day 2024
May 13th, 2024
Mother’s Day was first dreamed up by Anna M. On May 10, 1908 – Miss Jarvis a held memorial service at her church a few years after her mother’s death and gave every person who attended a white carnati...  Read More
Kingdom Economics | Live Generously
April 22nd, 2024
Do you know why we should leave margin each month – to live generously.  Do you want to know why we want to live a life where less is more – to live generously.  Living generously is why we are called...  Read More
Kingdom Economics | Less is More
April 15th, 2024
Kingdom Economics is the idea that we don’t treat our finances and resources like normal people, but that we deal with our money different because of Jesus.  Instead of looking like “normal people” wh...  Read More
Kingdom Economics | Leave Margin
April 8th, 2024
At Capstone we define a disciple is someone who is pursuing Christ and making decisions differently because of Christ.  That is in all areas, especially when it comes to money (whi is normally the las...  Read More
John Series | The Resurrection
April 1st, 2024
Why is Easter such a big deal?  Why is it such an important event in the Bible?  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 that if there is no resurrection, then we are preaching in vain.  If the tomb was not...  Read More
John Series | The Path
March 25th, 2024
This Sunday we looked at the path Jesus took to the cross.  We dove into John 18 to begin to see that everything that happened to Jesus on the way to the cross wasn’t a surprise but was planned, orche...  Read More
John Series | The Plan
March 4th, 2024
In John 11 will see a plan of two sisters (Mary and Martha) to save their brother (Lazarus), but Jesus doesn’t follow their plan and it leads to pain and grief.  How do we wrestle with the fact that s...  Read More
John Series | The Situation
February 26th, 2024
In the beginning of John 8, Jesus finds himself in a situation where it would seem that he would have choose between grace or truth.  We have said throughout the book of John that Jesus operated in bo...  Read More