The Gathering

What to expect

Capstone wants to remove all the barriers that so often cause people to not be a part of church. Our motto is "come as you are." This goes from your dress to whatever might be going on in your life. Capstone isn't about getting dressed up for people, but about providing a place for people to meet Christ. We want those who come to Capstone not to feel like they have to meet a certain standard, but to simply - come as you are. 


We strive to have a welcoming environment. Capstone wants both our regulars and guests to feel like family. Whether you are here every week or for the first time, you will be greeted and welcomed in an atmosphere of community. We serve Land of a Thousand Hills coffee to help create that home feel.

Worship Time

Capstone's Sunday Gatherings are very casual. Music is a large part of worship time on Sunday mornings, along with times of prayer, videos, announcements, and biblical teaching. Our style in music varies from an acoustic set list one Sunday, to the full band the next.

Capstone Kids

Our Capstone Kids area is specifically built for children from infants to 5th grade. We have a digital check-in system that allows each child to receive a name tag. The adult who checks them in receives a tag that correlates with the child's tag. Security is a top priority with our Capstone Kids. Our children learn from the Orange Curriculum each week. They have fun- filled activities as they learn scripture and receive a better understanding of the Gospel.

Real People

People getting cleaned up for church isn't a new issue. Jesus dealt with these types of people in Matthew 23, and He doesn't have very nice things to say. We don't want anyone to put on an act when they come to Capstone. We encourage our Capstone family to be real, not 'churchy.' If you are looking for real people, Capstone is the place for you.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together.