At Capstone we very passionate about creating disciples.  But we learned very early that not everyone agreed with the definition of a disciple.  We created a definition for our Capstone Family to help define what a Christ Center Disciple looks like in our gospel community.

Capstone Disciple | someone who is pursuing Christ, and making decisions differently because of Christ.


Balanced approach to discipleship

When you look at the words and ways of Jesus we see a balanced life that focused on the two greatest commands: Love God and Love Others.  Jesus spent his time in three main relationships: the Father (UP) - the Disciples (IN) - the Lost (Out).   This is the model that we believe we have been called to follow in order achieve our target of what a disciple looks. 
At Capstone we desire to see that we are growing in all three areas of UP - IN - OUT.  We like to ask three questions to see how we are doing as discples:
+ How are you "Growing in Christ?" (UP)
+ How are you "Living as a Family? (IN)
+ How are you "Sharing the Gospel?" (OUT)


Jesus prayed regularly.  He connected through a relationship with Father. Mark says he got up before the sun to pray.  The key to Christ ability to be fruitful was that he was in an UP relationship with God.  As disciples, we too must continue to grow in our relationship as we strive to be shaped into the image and character of Christ.


Sometimes we skew the idea of community as a group of people who look and think like us.  But community is much deeper and beautiful than that.  We see community as a family on mission.  This means that we are made up of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures to make a blended family.  Being a part of Capstone is really about being part of a family. 


Capstone is passionate about how we are doing our part in Christ’s prayer – “Your kingdom come, on Earth as it is in heaven.”  It isn’t enough that we come to church and follow the rules.  Jesus said he came to seek and the save the lost.  We believe Sharing the Gospel in both word and deed are essential if we are going to reach those who are close to us but far from God.