Community Groups

Family on mission committed to living as a family, growing closer to Jesus, and sharing the Gospel through Word and deed.


Growing Closer to Jesus

We want those who are in Community Group to be growing closer to Jesus. This just doesn’t happen as a Bible study. Community Groups are not satisfied with just studying the scriptures. They seek to apply it and to put it on display in an intentional way--to be living out what is studied. Our end game isn’t just to study scripture, but to make disciples who are missionaries who make the scriptures come to life.


Living as a Family

Throughout the New Testament we see that the relationships of church should mirror that of our family. In Community Groups, that happens when we spend time eating, laughing, listening, and just being together. We encourage all groups to plan time to just eat together, play games, or have a day trip. Building memories together begins to build trust and the extended family feel we are striving for. We want people to love to be with one another as they love one another. The goal, however, isn’t to have a group of people who just love one another, but love others as they point people to Jesus. 


Sharing the Gospel in Word & Deed

In order to be balanced and not have a country club mentality with hanging out with each other or just praying for each other, every group needs to have an Out. This out is a focused group of people, a neighborhood, a tribe, or a city sector that they want to display the Gospel. This will mean taking time to pray for them. It might be doing something to give encouragement or spending time hanging out in a certain area. We have also learned over the years that people who serve together grow together. The idea of Community Groups isn’t just a place to help people, but to grow together with people through serving others. We must live with intentionality to live on mission.   


Huddles are what we call guy and girl groups that meet outside of community group for in-depth accountability and discipleship. There are times that Community Group may not be the place to discuss that martial issue or theological question. We encourage each group to have a guys and a girls huddle at least once a month outside of the regular CG meetings. The goal isn’t to fix everyone in huddles, but to be a place people build trust and receive Christ-centered discipleship.