One Less Initiative

“You can’t help everyone but you can help someone.”

We are all led to serve the vulnerable in different ways. Our desire is for you to ask who is your ONE? We already talk about having someone who is close to you but far from God that you are praying for, building relationship with and looking for ways to have gospel conversations with.  
But the One Less Initiative "ONE" is from James 1:27 – the vulnerable.  
Many times we think winning is getting a big number.  But sometime success is getting the number down to zero.  Zero foster kids sleeping in offices.  Zero schools without church partnerships.   Zero widows with a wraparound family.  Zero orphans without families.   Zero at risk kids without mentors.  
The idea of trying to get something to zero can be overwhelming.  But what if just started with one less;  if each one of us did our part in the hopes of seeing it get to zero.  There is no way we can help everyone, but we can help someone.  And that someone would be one step closer to zero – one less. One less foster kid without a safe place to go.   One less orphan without a family.  One less addict without sponsor.   One less school no being prayed for.  One less widow without a wrap around family.
We have all been called to have ONE less – spiritually and physically.  Spiritually one less hell bound and physically, one less not seeing heaven on earth.  Who will be your one less?  We know that some of you already have your ONE less direction.  Others – now is the time to hear James 1:27 and care for the vulnerable.  We believe this is one of the things that separates Capstone from so many other churches -  our focus, desire, and calling be a Gospel Community that pushes our family to have a Faith that Works.