Summer Series

Sometimes it takes several tries, before finding just the right fit. Whether it be trying to find a new pair of shoes that give you the perfect fit, a pair of jeans with just the right amount of wear in them to be comfortable, or the right friendship where you feel like a member of the family.
When my husband and I first became members at Capstone, we moved each “season” on to a new community group.  We liked them all and became fast friends with different members in each of the community groups. But the groups would change around each season, and it was like we were missing something. Then we met The Marlar’s, from the very first meal we shared in their house we felt comfortable.  From the moment we met Cindy Marlar at church, she felt welcoming like a long time friend.  Cindy invited us to give their community group a try and advised us their group was a little different.  Their community group did not have childcare, like the groups we had previously been involved with but that we would gather around the table at their house each week for fellowship and devotion. Justin and I have 2 small kids, and they were really young at that point so childcare was an issue, but we felt it was worth the effort to find it.  Thankfully my mother agreed to keep our kids on community group nights.  I knew from that first night it was the right fit for us! I remember being nervous talking with everyone but rambled out part of my story and my why anyways.  I left knowing we had made new friends and joined a “framily” community.  
We have been members of that community group for probably 4 ish years now, and it has gone through pruning and growth in that time frame.  We have invited other friends, and they have found their “framily” too.  As a “framily” some of us have gone through job changes, health care issues, loss of family members, and so much more.  But watching the way The Marlar’s continue to help shepherd and lead our group has been such a blessing. Cindy has walked with me personally through some health care scares and diagnosis, and she has prayed with Justin and I through difficult times.  Scott and Cindy lead with a strong example of showing how to not only grow as a family in Christ with the family members in your household. But how to grow in Christ as a “framily” and community together as well.  We are the “babies” in our community group, but we have gained so much from being surrounded by friends that are further along in parenthood and their walks with Christ. Watching how Scott and Cindy open their home and provide hospitality to the members of our group each week has inspired us.  
I would like to encourage you if you have not found a community group that you seek one out. There is something so powerful in living as a community with one another. Your community will be there to cheer you on, and rally around you when you need a pick me up.  God can use the members of your community group to build you up, and show you how to continue to grow in your walk with Christ. Christ calls us to live as a community together. Romans 12:15-16 “ Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another.”
Melissa Nash-Abbott
July 2022