Kingdom Economics | Leave Margin

At Capstone we define a disciple is someone who is pursuing Christ and making decisions differently because of Christ.  That is in all areas, especially when it comes to money (whi is normally the last place we do).  The Bible talks more about money than Heaven and Hell combined.  Scripture gives us clear warnings about money, wise guidelines for money, and the affects money can have on our hearts.  Kingdom Economics is meant to be a discipleship series.  This is a time where we want you to see what the Bible says money and how to make decisions differently with your money because of Jesus.    
In November of this year, 60% of Americas were living pay check to pay check.  Stats show the “normal” thing in the US is to live paycheck to paycheck, which means you are dependent on this month’s paycheck to cover this month’s expenses and nothing left over to save or give. Now for some of you that might be a shock, for others it is a relief you aren’t the only ones.   73% of the millennial generation (27-42 year olds) are living paycheck to paycheck.  Those who are making $100,000 or more, 40% of them are living paycheck to paycheck. The truth is, it doesn’t matter your age or even income, living this way effects so many.
Matthew 6:24
Jesus says you can’t love both God and money.  And that is where the issues comes for so many.  We often worship our stuff over the commands of our savior when it comes to money. We believe God gives us Kingdom Economics rules and when we follow these guidelines it makes us better stewards: generous and faithful to the Lord.  
Kingdom Economic Rule #1: Leave Margin | Matthew 6:19-21
The reason so many people are living paycheck to paycheck is that we are spending it all.  We haven’t left any room for giving, saving, or just when life happens and we have unexpected expenses.  We are handcuffed to our job and paycheck.  We are mastered by our things and lifestyle.  When we don’t leave margin, we can’t go, do, or serve as the Lord leads.  Often we have bought into the lie of the consumption assumption.   The world tells us, we made it therefore we should spend it.  Green means Go Spend. And we listen leaving no “extra” spending it all.  We make a choice everyday whose kingdom we will invest in: ours or His.  Will we work hard to build our Heaven on Earth or invest in bringing his Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven?
Normal: Living off 100% or More
Normal in America is spending everything and living paycheck to paycheck.  If something happens unexpectedly, we have to put it on a credit card and go into more debt.  We become more and in bondage when it comes to money,  

Kingdom Economics: 10-10-80
The idea is to give 10%, then save 10%, and you live off of 80%.  In His economics He says 10% give back to his Kingdom, specifically the local church.  We call this a tithe.  We find this idea of giving back to God first in the OT.  Deuteronomy 14:22 & Proverbs 3:9. We are also called to save.  We should have an amount saved for help for when life happens and we have freedom to serve and not be mastered by money: Proverbs 21:20

Big Idea: Kingdom Economics Rule #1: Leave Margin.  When we fall for the consumption assumption we become slaves to our stuff not our savior.