Serving at Capstone

Serving at Capstone

Haley Keller is a senior in high school and has served in a variety of capacities in Capstone Kids. Here’s her take on investing in the kids at Capstone.

Hey guys!! My name is Haley Keller and I have been serving in Capstone Kids for about 6 years. I started off by serving in the two’s classroom but a few years ago switched over to Camp Rock. I serve the second service, so on Sunday mornings I will sit in the first service then head to huddle at 10:15.

Serving in Camp Rock is great! It is a great way to connect with students who will soon be in EDGE just like me! Attendance on Sundays can vary, but even on the weeks where I only have two kids, we have some quality conversations.  

Serving has helped me grow so much, especially in patience. I highly recommend serving as soon as you feel ready to because it is a blessing getting to know and pour into the kids and their families. Serving allows for you to make relationships that will last and be a listening ear to the kids who may not feel seen or heard. Overall, serving has filled my heart and I highly recommend it.