Advance the Kingdom

Matthew 6:33
“But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

As we have preached for over a decade, the purpose of the church isn’t to exist for itself, but to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.  Many times, we can get self-consumed in our churches and forget the calling of the church to not only equip the saints through worship, prayer, and fellowship, but also to share, bless, and bring the kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven to those who are far from Jesus.  Our desire is to make a kingdom investment through our Advance the Kingdom Initiative, and it comes straight from our mission:

Capstone Church is authentic in who we are and relevant in what we do, so that Christ can transform lives and impact a city.

The vision for Capstone has always been focused on how to create a community center that the church uses on Sunday. We are excited that we have come to a place where we need more space, which means expansion. With expansion on the horizon, we have asked “what does our community need?” As we looked and studied our community, we began to see some things we could do to both bless and better Fountain Inn.  There are three main needs that Capstone recognized and that we are striving to help meet with this expansion are:

  • To create environments both inside and out that would provide spaces for families and friends to gather for events, trainings, play dates and quality time together. 
  • To form collaborative relationships with for-profits and non-profits to help meet the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of those in the community. 
  • To establish recreation areas to help create transformative community no matter what socio-economic, race, age, or belief system people may belong to. 

As we plan for this Kingdom Expansion here are the spaces and venues that we see being a part of this addition at 601 Fairview St:

  • Adding 15,000 square feet of heated and cooled space.  We are doubling our existing square footage of space on campus!
  • Designating over half an acre for community green space and a playground for our friends and neighbors to enjoy.
  • Building a gymnasium that will be used for the adult Sunday morning worship gatherings and will be used throughout the week for multiple recreation opportunities and meeting spaces.
  • Creating a new and open lobby space connecting our existing space and the expansion.
  • Designing a new welcome area including a meeting room for classes and meetings.
  • Building a staff and leadership area to work, have meetings, and plan.
  • Converting the existing Double Stuff space to an area for a community coffee shop through a partnership with a coffee shop operator.
  • Transforming our main existing lobby into a new Capstone Kids lobby
  • Designing a secure, enclosed playground for our Capstone Kids in the quad.
  • Creating a “Family Room” to speak with new families on Sundays.  During the week, this space could serve as a visitation room for DSS to use with kids in foster care.

We know this is a little different and we have already gotten comments like “seems like we are going backward with set up and tear down," or "this isn’t normally what people do when they do an expansion." All of that is true. We believe it is an honor that we could sacrifice and serve on behalf of our community. Jesus is clear that we should sacrifice for those around us to point others to him. 

We truly believe this is a unique vision that leads to a unique opportunity in the unique place we call home--Fountain Inn.  We hope you will join us in praying, sharing, and getting excited about what is to come here at 601 Fairview Street.