Meet the Bloggers: Ellie

Hello there, my friend! It has truly been an honor to be part of our Summer Series on the blog and share a few, humble thoughts with you about how we can be more intentional about growing in Christ.  As we close this series and end our summer, it only seems right that I should properly introduce myself.

I have been at Capstone Church for just over four years now.  After moving to the Greenville area from upstate New York, it took a while to find a church that felt like home.  Honestly, Capstone drew me in from week one with the authenticity of the leadership, the community focus, and the scriptural foundation of the teaching we receive here.  As a transplant from the more secular northeast, it was challenging to find a church where I fit in. Walt has expressed often that our church is a safe place for people to land who just don’t fit into other churches. I have certainly found that to be true for me.

Not long after attending Capstone, my personal story took a hard turn as my relatively young marriage dissolved.  My expectation was that my circumstances would alienate me from relationship and good standing in the church.  What I found instead, was support. I was offered solid Biblical counseling to help me walk through that confusing and disorienting season. Our leadership did not condone the sins that had ended the relationship, but they acknowledged the brokenness that resulted from it without passing unnecessary judgment or condemnation.  They helped me look at the circumstances through the lens of the Gospel, make the best decisions I could in the moment, and provided support for material and other needs.  Instead of the alienation I anticipated, I found myself drawn even deeper into this church family in ways that profoundly influenced my understanding of the love of God and how we, the church, are called to show love to one another.

In the past year, I have had the joy of celebrating with the community that first sat with me in my sorrow, as God has been about bringing beauty from ashes.  Last fall I married my wonderful husband, a widower, and was welcomed into his family by his children and grandchildren.  It was a privilege to have so many of our Capstone family use their talents to make that day so memorable.  It has also been a blessing to have Ruud by my side as we become more invested in this church and the greater community of Fountain Inn.

When, not writing or renovating the mill home we recently purchased, I work as a CNA for Hospice of the Upstate helping to bring as much dignity and peace to individuals and families facing the impending loss of loved ones. On days off, I am usually painting, creating, baking, or cuddling with my two dogs, (Maeve a 3-year-old lab/pit mix and Seamus a 5-month-old dachshund puppy).  I am honored to be able to share my heart with you in this space and hope to be an encouragement and blessing in the months ahead.


Ellie Hamilton