John Series | The Conversations

The Gospel of John is special for several reasons.  One being that we see Jesus have many different conversations with a variety of people.  The lens in which we read John’s Gospel is one where Jesus was very approachable and listened well, no matter the circumstances. In John 3 and 4 we see two such conversations.  
In John 3:1-15 we are introduced to Nicodemus who comes to Jesus in the night to ask more questions about the teachings of this special Rabbi.  Nicodemus comes in the cover of darkness because he is a Pharisee and if anyone might have seen him talking with Jesus, they would have begin to question his allegiance.  There was something that was sparked in Nicodemus to learn more about the Kingdom that Jesus spoke of.  Nicodemus was taken back when Jesus says you can’t be a part of the Kingdom unless you are born again.  Nicodemus says this is impossible to be physically born again.  Jesus smiles and says, it isn’t a physical birth but a spiritual one.  Being born of water and spirit, taking us back to the Jordan and John the Baptist in Chapter 2.  The picture of death, burial and resurrection of a new life and new heart.  Jesus goes even further and points Nicodemus to Numbers 21:9 with the comment that just as Moses lifted up the serpent on a pole, so much the son of man will be lifted up.  Jesus goes back to the Old Testament to show that God showed grace to those who would die unless they looked up to what God had given to save their life.   Jesus tells Nicodemus that he can’t save himself with following all 613 Commandments of the Old Testament.  The only way to be a part of the Kingdom is look up to the cross and accept the grace given through Christ.    
In John 4:7-15 we are introduced to the woman at the well.  Jesus asks her for a drink, which shatters cultural norms of His day.  One, a Jew didn’t talk to a Samarian due to their view of worship.  Second, a Jewish man never spoke to a Samarian woman.  Yet Jesus strikes up a conversation with this woman who is caught off guard by his request.  As they talk Jesus  introduces her to a water greater than that in the well of Jacob but a living water.  She decides she desires this water and Jesus says go get your husband we will talk more.  She hung her head and Jesus knew that she didn’t have a husband but was living a sinful life with a man who wasn’t her husband.  Yet Jesus in her sin, Jesus points her to the truth that he is promised Messiah.  
Two different people. Two different places. Two conversations but ONE Gospel.  Jesus stands in the Messy Middle presenting both Truth and Grace to two people who were on the opposite side of the spectrums of moral living.  Yet because of the Gospel, they will dine together at the banquet table in eternity.  We ended the Gathering by asking three questions:
The Status | Who needs the Gospel?  
The Who | Who are you in the story?
The Place | Where is your Well?
Big Idea: Jesus’ conversations with Nicodemus and the woman at the well happened because he was full of Grace and Truth.