Dwell On It: Approaching tough conversations

Question: What is the best way to talk with a friend or family member who is questioning their faith without coming across in a “you should be this…” way or without coming across as condemning? 
Answer: Thank you for sending in this question. Questions are not an enemy. One reason we created this space is because questions are natural. We are trying to follow and understand a perfect God that lives outside of time and has all knowledge—He’s infinite. We’re very finite, we have very little knowledge when compared to human history, and we’re filled with imperfection. So, it is very natural that we have questions, regardless of how closely we walk with Jesus.

So, what is the best way to talk with someone who has questions? Meet them where they are and talk with them through their questions. Resist the urge to say “because the Bible says so” and truly search for an answer with them (though there are plenty of questions that we won’t find a direct answer to). Keep in mind that you are not dealing with words formed into a question as much as you are talking to a person with a heart. The person is more important than the answer. Loving them is more important than a perfect response. Loving them may be the answer they are searching for, but don’t know it. This will also make it easier to not come across as condemning.