John Series | The Path

This Sunday we looked at the path Jesus took to the cross.  We dove into John 18 to begin to see that everything that happened to Jesus on the way to the cross wasn’t a surprise but was planned, orchestrated and controlled by Jesus.

John 18:1-2 | We see that Jesus takes his disciples to a familiar place in the garden and this place will also be where Judas finds Jesus.  Jesus wasn’t hiding from Judas or the soldiers.  He was out in the open knowing they would be coming for him.  Judas wasn’t setting a trap for Jesus but the trap was for Judas.  

John 18:3-6 | Judas doesn’t come alone, but with soldiers and a mob with torches and weapons to bring Jesus in.  As they approach, Jesus doesn’t back away but confront them.  He asks what their purpose for being in the garden is and they say to find Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus doesn’t just ask this for information but is asking to establish who is charge.  When Jesus responds with “I AM he.” The soliders are taken aback and fall to the ground.  This group doesn’t overpower Jesus, but Jesus’ statement of who he was overpowers them.

John 18:10-11 | Despite Jesus being in complete control of the situation, Peter felt as though it was spiraling out of control. He takes action and attacks in order to protect Jesus.  Jesus looks at Peter, telling him to put away his sword and says I must drink from the Father’s cup. He then heals the man.  Peter is confused and conflicted as they take Jesus away to the council to be put on trial.  

John 18:26-27 | Peter finds himself doing exactly what he told Jesus he would never do – deny him.  Yet as the rooster crows the words of Jesus from the night before echo in his head: before the rooster crows you will deny me three times.  Peter hangs his head with the realization that Jesus knew.  Jesus knew he would be taken.  Jesus knew Judas would betray and him.  Jesus knew that Peter would deny him.  

BIG IDEA: The path to the cross wasn’t a surprise to Jesus but planned out and controlled by a Sovereign Savior.

No Surprises | Jesus wasn’t surprised by anything that happened that night.  The same is true of you. He isn’t surprised by anything you do.  He knows what you have done, are currently doing and will do.  Yet he still went to the cross for you.  His love for us isn’t based on our actions but His – going to the cross.  

Planned Out | Jesus discipled and loved Judas despite his betrayal.  Jesus told Peter he would build his church through him even though he cut a guys ear off and denies him.  Jesus has plans for us all -- a calling.  He equips, prepares and sets in motions plans for our lives. The issue lies with us, we have a choice.  We can refuse to follow his plan for our life or we can embrace it and be used for his Kingdom.

Sovereign Savior | Sovereign means in control.  Jesus was always in control on the path to the cross.  Jesus told his disciples they were taking his life, but he was giving it.  Even though the path to the cross was full of pain, betrayal and suffering, he did it for us because the mission to defeat Satan, Sin and Death was greater than difficulties.  What a Savior we serve.