Meet the Bloggers: Sarah Ellen

Hi there!  As I compose this post, we are on the eve of Meet the Teacher at my girls’ school and the first day of school is just around the corner.  Some say summer ends with Labor Day, some say it is later in September, but for me, summer ends with another beginning: the beginning of school.  

It has been a pleasure to write for the Capstone blog this summer as we explored growing as a family in Christ and some of the folks we see living this out.  So how about a little introduction to one of your bloggers?

I have lived all of my life in upstate South Carolina.  My family made one move from Mauldin to Simpsonville, and then I went to college in Anderson.  Don’t worry…I have managed to find my way to the airport and seen much more of the world.  I started off my career as an elementary teacher in rural Anderson County, met and married my husband, Jeff, and in a full circle moment, we now live in Mauldin.  When we were ready to start a family, the plan didn’t go as planned.  We adopted our first three children, fostered several others, and then found ourselves pregnant after 14 years of marriage.  This is a story for a different blog post, but let’s just say I have learned to hold my plans very loosely and I am always hopeful for God to do a great thing, even when it is a very different thing.

When we were looking to move back toward Greenville, I immediately started looking for a church for us.  At that point we had 2 2-year-olds who weren’t twins, but were most definitely a handful.  I had been eyeing Capstone, but we were more traditional church people and I just wasn’t sure we were going to fit in there.  After trying a handful of churches, many Sundays on my own with the two little crazies due to Jeff’s work schedule as a nurse, I finally walked into the doors of Capstone.  Did I sob during the first service??  Yes, I did.  Thankfully I was sitting next to someone I had made a connection with from high school (thank you social media), and I leaned over and said, “I promise I am fine.  I am just overwhelmed because I know this is where we are supposed to be.”  I had read all about Capstone on their website and I had combed social media to see what they were all about.  It all looked too good to be true.  A church that loves and serves its community by meeting actual needs and not just doing showy things?  All kinds of people coming from all different places and living as a family?  But it was true then and it continues to be true.   

I spend most of my days wrangling our 4 children and taking care of our home.  Sounds very 1950s, but it works for us.  I homeschool one of our kids this year, and I cart all of them to various activities and appointments.  Momming with a capital M.  I also enjoy reading, playing around with makeup, and doing some hand embroidery.  I love coffee, dark chocolate, tacos, the library, a good pen, and music that makes me want to dance.  I have volunteered in several different capacities over our 8 years at Capstone and I am excited to be a part of this team of bloggers.  I am hoping this blog can be a source of encouragement and a way to connect with you guys.  

Much love,
Sarah Ellen Edwards