John Series | The Resurrection

Why is Easter such a big deal?  Why is it such an important event in the Bible?  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 that if there is no resurrection, then we are preaching in vain.  If the tomb was not empty, then the foundation of Christianity falls in on it self.  But if the tomb was empty and Jesus did come back after he died on the cross, then it not only changes human history, but our eternal destination.  The resurrection is an essential part of our beliefs as Christ followers.  That is why Resurrection Sunday is so important, without it we have nothing to stand it.  The resurrection wasn’t just a story but the truth of what Christ has done.

John 19:38-42 | Change in Status
We are introduced to one new person (Joseph of Arimathea) and reintroduced to someone from John 3 (Nicodemus). Both of these men come from the shadows of following Jesus to change their Status. They go from secretly following Jesus to publicly saying they are following Jesus and showing it by their actions of caring for Jesus’ lifeless body.   Our status changes as well because of the work on the cross.  Because Jesus pays the penalty for our sins, we are able to trust in him and have eternal life.  We go from lost to found, death to life because of Christ's sacrifice.

John 20:11–18 | Mary Magdalene stands outside the tomb and she weeps.  First, she asks the angels in the tomb where they have placed Jesus’ body.  Then, outside of the tomb she sees Jesus but doesn’t recognize him.  She believes he is the gardener and asks him where Jesus’ body is and she will carry him back herself.  Jesus simply says: “Mary.” Her eyes are then opened and she recognizes Jesus and gives him a big hug.  

Change in Perspective | Mary had been looking for the body of Jesus but her perspective changed when he called her name and she saw him.  She began to understand all that he had promised and been teaching.  The empty tomb should change our perspective as well.  Our perspective should be focused on the unseen not the seen.  We should be focused on what other promises Jesus has made to us in all that we gain in him.  

Change in Relationship | Jesus tells Mary to go and tell “my brothers” I am alive and “your Father.”  This is first time in the Gospel of John that Jesus refers to God the Father as “your father” and the disciples as “my brothers.”  Why?  Because there has been a change in relationship.  Jesus has legally gone into the court room and made us a part of his family.  We call it "Gotcha Day" in the adoption world.  It is the day you go from Foster Parent to Mom and Day.  A judge legally makes them a part of the family.  This wasn’t just a court room case about an orphan but a criminal.  A criminal found guilty and deserved death.  Jesus says, "I will take their death sentence (because we are all guilty)."  We have been set free, forgiven and adopted by the work of Jesus! 

Being a part of this family has three promises:

The promise of Inheritance | We get to sit at the Banquet table of the Father because of Jesus.
The promise of Love | We know the Father loves us because he sent Jesus to rescue us.
The promise of Acceptance | Jesus fully accepted our sins on the cross.  Because of his actions on the cross we are fully accepted by the Father.  

Big Idea: The Resurrection is the key our change in status, perspective and relationship.